Books about DHS


There are several books about DHS in our era:


THE D.H.S. STORY  1866-1966

by Hubert D. Jennings.  1966.  Hardcover.  323 pages.


This major work of research by Hubert D. Jennings was published to mark the 100th anniversary of the school in 1966.  Jennings was known to many of us because he was brought out of retirement to teach at DHS in 1961.  His nickname was "Polyphemus" because, like the mythological figure, he had only one eye.  Jennings was an extraordinary character.  You will find a biography of him, with subsequent comments and photos, in Tuck Shop Chit Chat section of the website, in  the "Our Teachers! (Part One)" forum.

Jennings' book is elegantly written and contains a great deal of interesting historical material, and also some contemporary material from our own school days.  His chapter about the teachers of our time is of special interest, and is reproduced in the "School Histories" section of the website.   

Incidentally, our art master Alan Turton painted a superb portrait of our headmaster A.W. McIver, with his copy of the book prominently displayed on his desk:

The DHS Story 1866-1966 is out of print, but often has used copies for sale, and a Google search will usually turn up some more.



By Jeremy J. Oddy.  2008. Hardcover.  378 pages

This book is compiled by Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1962).  Jeremy entered the teaching profession and was eventually appointed deputy headmaster of DPHS.  In 2002 he joined the DHS staff as Custodian of the School Archives.  Drawing on the vast collection of material in these archives, Jeremy selected wide range of photographs, news clippings, recollections, and anecdotes about the school, from its earliest days until the present century.  The result is a fascinating romp through the life of the school.  This is a photo of Jeremy at DHS, proudly displaying his book!

Unfortunately, Where the Baobab grows at Durban High School is out print.  However you can sometimes find one online, or in second hand book shops in South Africa.



By Jeremy J. Oddy.  2012.  Hardcover.  356 pages.

This is another book by Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1962),  the former school archivist. As Jeremy  describes it:

I have written a 356 page hard-covered book about rugby and the characters that have contributed to the over 100 years of DHS rugby. This includes Alastair Hargreaves, Basher Downes, Greg Rawlinson, Skonk Nicholson, Trevor Warman among many others. Ian McIntosh, the Convenor of the Springbok Rugby Selectors and also the coach of the Proteas and who wrote the foreword, recommended the book as a very good, informative read.

You can order the book directly from Jeremy at his email address, or you can phone him on 082 568 9820 (preferably in the morning SA local time.)



By Clive Shedlock and Jeremy J. Oddy.  2020.  Hardcover.  199 pages.

This book about our science teacher D.G. ("SAS") Nourse book consists of recollections, photos, press clippings and sundry anecdotes about the famed teacher, compiled by his son-in-law Clive Shedlock and the former school archivist Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1962).  

The price of the book is R 300, with all proceeds to be donated to Blackmore's House.  If you would like a copy,  please contact the DHS Foundation CEO, Andrew Shedlock, to arrange purchase and shipping:



By Jeremy J. Oddy.  2021.  Hardcover.  400 pages.

This is the most recent book by the former DHS School Archivist, Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1962).  It is over 50 years now since the demolition of the old red brick building -- an event that caused much sorrow among former pupils who thought that venerable edifice was the heart and soul of the school.  In its place arose a structure without architectural character, indistinguishable from similar nondescript school buildings all over the modern world.  This book recreates the years before the demolition of the old red brick building, recounting its history with dozens of photographs woven among stories and anecdotes from a time gone by.

The cost of the book is R 360.  If you are in Durban, you can buy copies (cash only) from the latest version of our old tuck shop, the "Kit and Coffee" in the new main building -- open school hours only.  Otherwise, please contact Jeremy Oddy at, or by phone  082 568 9820 (preferably mornings SA time) and he will explain the procedure for buying the book/s.