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•   Alistair Christie  12/3
•   Rodney Buchan-Smith  11/3
•   Peter Elstob  26/2
•   Richard Bell  25/2
•   Jeff Linder  8/2
•   Rick Prins (Class Of 1962)  31/12
•   Ian Tayfield (Class Of 1966)  29/12
•   Hamish Steere  18/11
•   John Cosnett  10/10
•   Anthony Thompson  29/9
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The great hills of the south country
They stand along the sea
And it's there walking the high woods
That I would wish to be
With the men that were boys when I was a boy
Walking along with me.
                         -- Hillaire Belloc

Welcome to the website for the Durban High School Class of 1958-1961! Membership is open to all who were with us in 3rd form in 1958 or joined us at any time up to 6th form in 1961. 

There are now six brother websites from around our time at DHS:
Please contact the respective administrators if you would like to get in touch with friends from these years, or if you would like to request a guest membership on these websites.   We also accept guest members from other years at DHS.
DHS has a website that offers various information and news about the school:  
The DHS Foundation provides financial and other support to the school:
There is also a Face Book page for the school:





                    POSTPONEMENT OF 60 YEAR REUNION

We regret that our 60 Year Reunion, which we planned to hold early in 2021, is indefinitely postponed as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.  We will make a new announcement when we can be sure that the event can take place in a safe environment.  When it happens it will be FABULOUS!



6/6/2021 -- We are sorry to report that our classmate David Brosnihan passed away in Durban on 31 May.  Please visit the entry for David in the In Memory section for further details.  You can add any recollections or reflections of your own there,  by pressing the "Post comment" button at the end of the entry.  For details of a memorial service on 11 June, which can be attended  in person or remotely by Zoom, please see the email sent to all members of the class today.

2/6/2021 -- We are very sorry to report that our classmate Anthony Blaunfeldt passed away in Durban on 2 February.  Please visit the entry for Tony in the In Memory section, where you use the "Post comment" button to add any memories, reflections, or information of your own.

2/6/2021 --  Do you remember Ralph, the adult fan of our school sports who had the mind of a child after a head injury decades earier?  Neill Levy recalls him in a recent entry in our Tuck Shop Chit Chat.  Other recent entries are from Terry Dowdall on our stage of life, and Ian Robertson on the school assembly ritual.  There are now over 100 separate discussion topics there;  the most recent ones are in the right column, and a click on headings in the left column brings up past contributions.

31/12/2020 -- We are very sorry to report that our classmate Paul Podbielski passed away in Durban on 13 February.  Please visit the entry for Paul in the In Memory section, where you can add your own comments, memories, and reflections.

27/12/2020 --  Check out the "Notify me" tab under Member Functions on your left.  It lets you specify if you would like an email notification of new items on the website, such as profile changes, new messages, new obituaries, etc.

30/9/2020 -- We are very sorry to report that our classmate Allistair Ball passed away in British Columbia, Canada, on 18 September.   Please visit the entry for Allistair in the In Memory section. You can add your own reflections and memories there.

21/9/2020 -- We are very sorry to report that our classmate Louis Buckle passed away in Hermanus on 23 July.  Please visit the entry for Louis in the In Memory section.  You can add your own thoughts or memories there.

14/9/2020 -- We are very sorry to report that our classmate Rod Tyson passed away in Cape Town on 25 August.  Please vist the entry for Rod in the In Memory section, where you can add any memories or reflections of your own.

7/9/2020 -- Two new items have been added to the School Histories section on the left of this page: a fine appreciation of Bill Payn written by Izak van Heerden; and an article drawn from an academic thesis about the legendary Headmaster A.S. Langley who shaped the school of our day , "The classics, the cane, and rugby".

27/8/2020 -- The DHS Foundation has published a limited edition, 199 page book about our teacher D.G. "SAS" Nourse.  The book consists of recollections, photos, press clippings, etc, and is compiled by his son-in-law Clive Shedlock and the former school archivist Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1963). The price is 300 rand with all proceeds donated to Blackmore's house.  To order a copy, contact the DHS Foundation CEO Andrew Shedlock at, or call him at 083 791 7646.

11/7/2020 --  Our website was launched on this date ten years ago, and has been highly successful ever since!   During this past decade we have received 116,159 visits, and our classmates have exchanged 4,289 messages through our message system.  Of the 224 members on our class list, all but 8 have been found, or confirmed deceased.

20/6/2020  -- We extend a warm welcome to our new guest member, former DHS teacher Allan Wilkinson.  Allan is now in his late eighties but remains in mental and physical shape that puts most of us to shame!

31/3/2020 --  We are very sorry to report that our classmate Don Pfotenhauer passed away in Durban on 14th March.  Please visit the entry for Don in the In Memory section, where you can add any memories or comments of your own.

15/2/2020 --  We are very sorry to report that our classmate Errol Lortan passed away in Durban in August.  Please see the entry for Errol in the In Memory section, where you can add any comments or memories of your own.

6/2/2020 --  The school has announced that it will no longer play any sport fixtures with our ancient rival Glenwood, apparently because of "poaching" of star players.  You can read a news report under the "DHS Today" tab at left.

13/10/2019 --  We are sorry to report that our classmate Peter Rasmussen passed away in Port Elizabeth several years ago, in 2006.   Please see the entry for Peter in the In Memory sectiion, where you can add any reflections or recollections of your own.

08/7/2019 --  Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1963), the former school archivist, is preparing a publication about Blackmore's house. He invites anyone to send him recollections, anecdotes, photographs, press clippings, or other material of interest.  Jermey has already written two books about the school: "Where the Baobab grows at Durban High School", and "A celebration of Rugby at Durban High School ".  Jeremy's email address is

12/5/2019 --  As part of its leadership campaign against sex abuse in schools, DHS hosted a Safe Schools Seminar on 10 May.  A report on the event and announcments of futher events will be published on

5/3/2019 --  We extend a warm welcome to a new member, our classmate Peter Whyte!

16/2/2019 -- We extend a warm welcome to a new member, our classmate Nigel Gray!   

14/2/2019 --  We are sorry to report that our classmate Jack Perling passed away on 12 February.  Please see the entry for Jack in the In Memory section, and add any comments or reflections of your own.

11/1/2019 -- David Brosnihan has lmade a video of our Moroccan adventure and placed it on YouTube.  You can enjoy it here: -- copy and paste the link into your browser.

17/11/2018 --  Our classmate Roy Henry has launched an appeal for a Class of 1961 Scholarship for DHS pupils, to be awarded with leadership as a criterion for selection.  Roy has written to you individually but the donation form is reproduced under the "Our Class Scholarship" topic at left.  

25/4/2018 -- The school has issued an impressive marketing video that showcases the many facilities available at DHS today:

11/4/2018  --  We have just learned that our 1958 head prefect,  John Lloyd, passed away in the UK on 7 May last year.  He was the last survivor of our four head prefects -- Ian Wallace passed in 1990, Mick Greenfield in 2014, and Jack Welch in 2016. 

28/6/2017 --  An expanded record of the circumstances of our teachers' demises has just been added to Tuck Shop Chit Chat, under the "Our Teachers! (Part One)" topic.  

18/6/2017 --   The DHS Old Boys Club site in Durban North was sold to developers in 2014 to raise funds for the school. Here's whats happening at the site:  

10/6/2017 -- We congratulate the DHS class of 1947 on their seventieth reunion in Durban earlier this week -- a true inspiration to us youngsters!   

25/3/2016 -- Does anybody have a copy of the 4GB form photo of 1959?  it's the only one we are missing from our 1958-61 set opposite, so please send us a scan if you have one!

1/3/2015 --  We have recently discovered some new facts about many of our deceased classmates in SA government records. As a result we have added additional information to most of the In Memory entries. In some cases we have made corrections to the cause or year of a classmate's demise. Please take a look at the entries, and use the "Post Comment" button to add any information, recollections, or anecdotes of your own.

18/12/2013 -- Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1963 and School Archivist) has just published a book, A Celebration of Rugby at Durban High School. This interesting book covers more than a century of rugby history at the school. For more information and ordering details, see the "100 Years of DHS Rugby" tab at the left.

21/02/2013 -- The "Where we live" feature above right has been refined to include SA provinces. You can now click on a country, a US state, a Canadian province, or an SA province, and get an immediate list of classmates resident there.