Wrinkles McIver Wine


       Yes!  "Wrinkles McIver 1961 Vintage Reserve" is still available!!



Our celebrations at the 50th Reunion came to a smooth finish with Anthony Hill's presentation of individually inscribed bottles of his Topaz Vineyard's "Wrinkles McIver 1961 Vintage Reserve". Several classmates have asked if they can obtain more of this memorable wine. Anthony confirms that there is still a good supply, and has provided ordering information which is shown below.

Classmates can choose the wine with or without the "Wrinkles" label, which as seen in the illustration includes a portrait of our headmaster in his very prime.  The "Wrinkles" labelled wine will come with a blank space for the personal name -- you can either add your own, or insert the names of others if the wine is a gift.   If you choose the wine without the "Wrinkles" label, it will be labelled "Custom Crush".



(The website for Anthony's vineyard is www.topazwines.co.za.  Anthony also has a vineyard in France -- see www.domainedeclivet.com.)