Brian Gitlin

Last Updated:    September 16, 2020

Residing In:    London, London, England, United Kingdom

Email address:

Education:    Chartered Accountant (SA)

Spouse/Partner    Philippa, married 1971
2018 she walked out. I’m in the process of divorcing her. Finally the divorce has completed. The process is a huge waste of money, energy and emotion for little more than the U.K. standard which is 50/50.

Children/Family:    Jonathan 1976 married, living in D.C.
Louise 1980 married living in London.

Occupation(s)    Founder & MD of Burdale Financial Ltd, now wholly owned by Wells Fargo.

Hobbies/Interests:    Cooking & travel. Those interests have been severely curtailed due to the general overreaction by the authorities to C19. I now live quietly on my own, with my dogs and a stunning view over the Thames. Suffice it to say, I’m now more content than I can ever recall. I should have done this years ago.

Comments:    I must be one of the very few 1961 class who has spent 24 hours in the cells in solitary confinement. Divorce can turn into a very nasty business especially if you married a nasty person. Fortunately my very hard new solicitor got the charges dropped after 14 days and all bail restrictions lifted.

Looks belie the true character.


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