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Last Updated:    August 20, 2022

Residing In:    Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

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Skype name:    botsle

WhatsApp contact:    +27825779428


Education:    BSc (Engineering) (Chemical) Natal University, Durban

Spouse/Partner    Married Eugenie, known as Jenny in 2003

ex .... Sandy Fyvie is the mother of my children

Children/Family:    Michael (born 1975) married to Melissa (nee Robinson ... father is Freek) with two boys Nathan born Nov 2006, Zacary born Feb 2010 and daughter Robin (born 2017). Currently working in Johannesburg after a lengthy spell in London

James born 1976 married to Nikki. Son William (born 2014) and daughter Emelie (born 2022). Currently running his own company involved in the travel, security and general IT services.

Sarah born 1978 with son Neo born 2020. Working (remotely from Johannesburg) for a Dubai based Logistics company.

Occupation(s)    After leaving School I spent a year at the Airforce Gymnasium at Valhalla before going to Howard College where I completed a Chemical Engineering degree.

Spent 3 years with AE&CI in Sasolburg ending as acting Process Superintendant Vinyl Chloride plant. Then 2 years with Caltex at their refinery in Milnerton Cape Town

Branch Manager with an insulated coldroom manufacturer for 3 years, then a Project Manager (2 years) with a South African / Mozambique'n fishing company ........ after that a full time farmer (pigs, maize, irrigated vegs, broilers etc) in Greytown for about 6 years.

I spent 9 years with Pioneer Seeds (now Pannar) running their company Kombat Chemicals in Greytown.

In 1991 I joined Sasol in Johannesburg in the Marketing Department and spent seventeen and a half years with them in various capacities ending off in IT Security.

I retired early from Sasol in October 2008 9 months before I was to turn 65. I had enough of the corporate games that are played in large corporations ........ best decision I have made, apart from marrying my wife Jenny.

My health has always been very good except for Colon Cancer in 2000, Pancreas Cancer in 2002 and Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed in 2009. I have been insulin free since the end of 2013 after I had changed my lifestyle to LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) or Banting as it is known in South Africa. Tim Noakes diet.

I am now a full time retiree living in a retirement village in Johannesburg.

Hobbies/Interests:    Jenny & I have been on an extended trip (7 months) with our old 4x4 into Africa 2011 - 2012. We went as far north as Adigrat in Ethiopia and coming back though the great lakes of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Hope to capture some of the trip as in photos on this website ... We traveled from October 2011 and returned in April 2012.

We have had memorable trips to: 2013 Namibia & Botswana, 2016 East coast of Australia (Jenny has a daughter & family there), 2017 Thailand, 2018 Morocco for our reunion and 2019-20 India .... a real experience.

School Story:    My most memorable story is on my first day at DHS in Form 3S, our Form master "Charlie" Crewe introduced himself to us.

* * * "Charlie" Crewe * * *
He started off saying that he would not tolerate any disobedience. He then proceeded to show us a few spectacular chemistry experiments. After trying to find all the equipment and ingredients for the last experiment of the morning he left the classroom for about 15 minutes (maybe to find a bottle of something !) Upon returning we were all talking loudly .......... he then reprimanded us about the noise and immediately called Harvey Wannenburg (who appeared to be the class leader by virtue of his size and demenour) to the front ....... and without any time for discussion gave Harvey six of the best in front of all of us.

We were all shocked that the corporal punishment was so severe and instantaneous. "Charlie" Crewe never again ever had a problem with anyone who had been there that day.

"Charlie" Crewe would often be seen at morning assembly, especially in the hot February's trying to roll up his famous light cream jacket sleeves owing to the heat.

Harvey Wannenburg continued on at DHS and in 1962 was Head Prefect, captain of Rugby and vice captain of the famious '62 cricket side that included Barry Richards and Lee Irvine.

Harvey went to Rhodes after School and I inadvertantly asked him to look up a girl friend there .... in a few months I found out that he had moved in with her (or visa versa) At Rhodes he was involved in a very serious motor accident, from which some of us felt he never fully recovered. I last time I saw him was when I had drinks with him at a resturant in Greytown where I was farming and working for Pioneer Seeds (now Pannar Seeds). Not many years later I heard that he had died following a heart attack. I am not sure of these facts.

* * * "The Strangers" - A Rock n Roll band * * *
Another memory is about a band called "The Strangers" While at Varsity I joined this DHS rock n roll band with a number of well known DHS school boys. The singer was Howard Carpendale (Victor Ludorum at athletics some years after me ... probably 1963/4) The bass player was Don Allaway (Roy's younger brother), Roger Shephard (now head teacher at St Charles, Pmb), Don Robertson was our drummer, Renault Sanders was the pianist and probably the band leader .... we had great fun and all learnt a lot about ourselves and eventually when Howard signed a recording contract we did not think that we should give up our studies and so we carried on as "The Strangers" without Howard. Howard was the singer for "The Kinsmen" a popular Durban beachfront band ...... He moved on to the UK and then on to Germany where he still is one of the great recording and performing artists. He has probably made more money and has more fans than any other South African artist in history.

Don, Renault and myself have got together a few times in the past years for a band practice ........... unfortunately some of us have lost a lot of the talent we had in the 60's.

Comments:    I am now busy with various hobbies. I spend time also training elderly people to use their computers.

I have not kept us much with School colleagues but always seem to spend time with Godfrey (RIP) and Dorothy Mocke and Rob and Jane D'Aubrey every few years or so.

Military Service:    Airforce Gymnasium (1962) and Umvoti Commando  

Peter 1961

Peter 1958

Peter, Mary and Gillian Elstob in the 50's Both Mary and Gill have passed away. Gill in 2015 and Mary 15th March 2018 whilst we were in Morocco at the 2018 reunion.

"The Insects" a short lived pop group


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