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Garry Grant

Garry Grant was a sociable and popular classmate, with a wry sense of humour and a practical, down-to-earth dispostion.  He was a gifted athlete at school and a keen rugby player.

After school Garry attended the University of Natal where he took his degree in Electrical Engineering.  He started his career at Eskom in Natal and then moved to Johannesburg, where he worked in several different companies as a high voltage engineer.   He married Lorna Robertson in 1977 and they had two children, a daughter Tarryn and a son Gareth.

In 1982 Garry pursued his entrepreneurial dreams and started his own electrical design business.  From that beginning he went on to establish a switchgear company which he ran with great success.  Garry travelled all over the world, helping build electrical infrastructure for many large companies.  He retired in 2016, but even then continued to plan and build projects in his "man cave" at his Johannesburg home.

Garry was an avid hiker.  He was also a talented artist who did skilled drawings, especially of wildlife. He was a passionate reader who devoured books -- mostly mystery and who-done-it tales --  faster than his favourite authors could write them.

Garry had been in apparant good health,  but passed away in his sleep on 2 August 2018.  He is survived by Lorna, his wife of more than 40 years, and his children Tarryn (now an executive with Ernst and Young in London), his son Gareth (now an equities trader in Johannesburg)  and his daughter-in-law Vanessa.

Here's a photo of Garry from his final year at DPHS before he joined us in 1958.

Below is a photo of Garry on a visit to Paris.

Garry with his daughter Tarryn.

Garry with his son Gareth and daugher-in-law Vanessa.


[Thanks to Tarryn Grant for her help with this In Memory notice]


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06/08/18 02:18 AM #1    

Anthony Crosby

Good morning from Sydney Australia.  I was very saddened to receive the news regarding the passing of Garry Grant this morning.  Like so many of my old class mates ( 1958- 1962) I have such good and fond memories of Garry.

In fact Garry and I go back well before and well after those  five years at DHS.     He was a very good sportsman. As quick as anyone over 100 meters and a fast and powerful winger who never quite achieved his full potential.

Garry had a few “ run in’s” with selectors over his career. Never one for holding back when it came to an opinion regarding selection!! I recall him telling a selector, in the bar at DHSOB club late one Saturday night  that he “ Couldn’t pick his nose “  

While 100% correct, needless to say Garry was not picked for the Duikers the following  game .   I well recall having a beer with Rodney Gould after a game one Sat evening.  This took place after Rodney had been picked for the Springboks  in 1968  and he stated  that Garry Grant was the hardest winger he had ever marked.  High Praise indeed.

On a much lighter note I remember Garry betting his car, I believe to Abe Walters or maybe Clive Kidger ( Please help me out here David Sawers)

. It must be highlighted that these were University days and we are not placing a great value of these cars and somehow I think Garry lost!!  It was a very funny situation at the time.


To Garry’s family and all his many friends please accept my sincere condolences.  I will raise a in Sydney on the 7TH Aug and reflect on the many good times I spent in GG’s Company.    RIP Gary Grant.

06/08/18 12:14 PM #2    

David Sawers

So sad to hear about Garry. My sympathy to all his family and friends. Nice to read your commemts Ant. I remember many a fine time had by our crew after the saturday game or weekly practises. Garry normally getting a lift in my 1948 Ford Prefect.  That incident you refer to with Garry betting his car I don't recall. I do remember Tubby Fowlis losing his car to Toppy Hortop in a race acrss Berea park. With Tubby running and Toppy having to cartwheel acrss the field. Toppy  won by half the field. Garry was always a good guy to have around when the going got tough. Not only extremely strong but not shy to mix it up if it was called for. Unfortunately when Garry left Durban we lost contact and have'nt communicated for a long time. I remember him fondly. So long my good buddy.

Dave Sawers

06/08/18 04:30 PM #3    

Roy Henry

The immediate memory of Gary was to rather have him on your side ALL the time ! Ran hard and usually went pale after his blistering runs down the field which always worried me One always knew exactly were you stood - not much grey about Garry No one better to part of your team Sadly lost track of him  a few short years after school A good man that will be missed RIP Garry

08/08/18 12:05 AM #4    

Richard Pollecutt

My sympathies to Garrys family on his sudden passing.Garry was also a musician and was vocalist for our band where we enjoyed success (not financial !)We have many memories of Garry in his role as front man.R.I.P

01/09/18 09:37 AM #5    

Robert D'Aubrey

I was saddened to hear of Garrys passing.To his family and friends please accept my sincere sympathies.    I have great memories of Garry and i having many a dice on the athletics track at DHS.  Garry was also a high jumper of note.  We were both members of ''jigg's circus athletic club,''nuff said''.   I was fortunate to play in many of Garry's rugby teams both at DHS and also at DHSOB.    Garry was a powerful and fast winger who gave the opposition a torrid time,and was also a ruthless tackler.!!  Garry's agressive play took a lot pressure off us lessor mortals in the ''back line''making our game only a pleasure.!!!   It was a massive blow for DHSOB when Garry their star winger relocated to Joburg.   Thanks for the memories.  RIP Garry.

01/09/18 06:11 PM #6    

Barry Purdham

Very sad to hear of the passing of Garry. He was a good friend on and off the rugby field, and I have fond memories off him. Many a weekend was had with Garry, and his performances on the wing will be greatly remembered.i will never forget the day Garry was heavily tackeld in a match at Kings Park ( cannot remember against who ). Garry lay motionless for quite a while, and we all thought he was seriosly injured,but Garry,being the strong person he was, stood up and was ok. Garry will always be remembered by many of his close friends. RIP Garry.

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