In Memory

Roger Ortlepp

Roger Ortlepp came from a farming family in the Melmoth area, and was a boarder at DHS. He was an ambiable and popular classmate who played both cricket and rugby for the school. He was a Blackmore's prefect in 1961. After leaving school Roger became a sugar farmer in Swaziland. He married and had one daughter, Catherine (born 1969), who now lives in London. Unfortunately Roger died on 12 February, 1971. 

Catherine has kindly provided the photographs of Roger below.  The first was probably taken a little before his arrival at DHS:

Next, a photograph of Roger with Catherine, probably on a Natal beach:

This is a photo of Roger when he was living in Swaziland:

And another of Roger in the same location, this time proudly wearing his cricket outfit!

Please also see classmates' words about Roger below.

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10/10/10 10:20 PM #1    

Terence Dowdall

I'm sad to hear about Roger Ortlepp. I liked him, always found him an amiable guy, though I didn't know him well personally. He had a kind of legendary fame amongst dayboys because of the (possibly mythical) stories of the "Ortlepp's Cup" competitions rumoured to be held in the boarding house, where sums of money could be won. Or was that just an urban legend?

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