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Last Updated:    February 9, 2013

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03/02/13 11:37 AM #1    

Richard Bell

Hi Frank,

I was with you in Form V AMB, when we had extra Maths lessons in place of Scripture and Physical Education, the objective being to finish the matric Maths syllabus in one year.  We had the excellent "Daisy" Noble, who made Maths almost a pleasure.  We all coped well & duly finished the two-year syllabus in one year.

In VI AMB we launched into calculus & co-ordinate geometry.  "Tom" Howard did his best, but many of us opted out of Advanced Mathematics after six months & spent the rest of the year revising the ordinary matric Maths syllabus.  Mr Kure was our supervisor.  He ran the revision in a quiet, friendly & competent manner.  I achieved a "B" in Maths.

You were an absolute boffin in Maths.  While many of us were struggling to understand Tom's tuition, you sailed through.  In fact, my own feelings were that if Frank could find it so easy & I so difficult, it was time to change to ordinary Maths.  Please give us some details of your career, in which I'm sure Mathematics featured prominently.

I remember how disinterested you were in some (dare I say most) of your other subjects.  Your particular dislike was History !   I also remember how you arrived at one of our "class parties" at "Ma" Tungay's, smelling of vodka !  Some of us were inspired to try it ourselves, but I must say I never cultivated the taste.  If you have been teetotal all your life & I am confusing you with somebody else, please forgive me.  The grey cells don't function at 100% efficiency after 52 years.

Anyway, have a very happy birthday & many more !

With regards & best wishes,


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