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Basil Eagle

Basil Eagle was well known at school from the moment he arrived, for his florid features and generous girth were too striking to be overlooked.  He made the most of the situation and seemed to accept his fame with equanimity.

In fourth form a hostile relationship with another classmate, Brian Bosomworth, culminated in an official bout of fisticuffs in the prefects room. Although Bosomworth was expected to win handily, Basil more or less smothered his opponent and was acclaimed the victor, which greatly enhanced his prestige among his fellows.

After school Basil worked for his family's furniture factory in Durban, Eagle Cabinet Works.  Basil married Shirley, who came from what was then Rhodesia, and they had a daugher.

Unfortunately Basil was diagnosed with bone cancer in the early seventies and died soon after. Please see classmates' words below.

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10/10/10 10:14 PM #1    

Terence Dowdall

I didn't know Basil Eagle but I liked him from the moment I saw him - very overweight, untidy, round bright pink eager face, always ready to stir some shit in class and with a great, off-beat sense of humour. I know I told the story in my profile, but I have to tell it again. There was a teacher known as Porky (look in the Masters photograph in my photos, back row, third from the right, wearing specs, just behind Oellie) who was unsure of himself, and had a high-pitched voice. Only Basil Eagle could produce a higher-pitched voice, which (it was speculated) allowed Porky to feel manly. Anyway, one day Eagle asks in a high-pitched voice "Excuse me sir, please could I go and look out the window?" Porky: "Why, Eagle?"  Basil: "I want to see if there's a train coming ..."  He was a hugely energetic, funny, feisty guy, and I have to say I'm sorry he isn't still with us. Does anyone else remember Eagle?

20/10/10 03:39 PM #2    

Richard Bell

Basil Eagle was the first pupil ever to arrive at School on a buzz-bike (49cc).  I think the make was "Itom".  He was the envy of all of us & we used to cluster around this wondrous machine, wondering if we could persuade our parents to buy us one.

Basil was a friendly, smiling guy & I am very sorry to hear that he succumbed to cancer so early in life.

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