Dave Guy

Last Updated:    September 13, 2020

Residing In:    Swellendam, Western Cape South Africa

Email address:    daveguy1126@gmail.com

Education:    BA, UED, BEd

Spouse/Partner    Hanlie

Children/Family:    Jakes, Carlo, Jennifer and Michelle.

Occupation(s)    Retired

Hobbies/Interests:    Coaching cricket at the Swellendam cricket club and playing the occasional game. Road running. Reading. Travelling.

Comments:    I have been reading through class mate profiles and obituaries. This has resulting in a feeling of nostalgia. Where have all of the years gone? 59 of them. So much water under the bridge. Lots of school memories which seem just like yesterday. On reading the obituaries it is so sad to realise that 53 of us have passed on. Looking at the photos of those deceased one sees youthful faces with a whole life ahead of them. Funny how one remembers all one's classmates as they were in 1961. Today many are unrecognisable from the fresh faces of 1961. The feeling of immortality is rocked when one thinks of all of the deceased class mate and teachers. What is most interesting is to see that we have all made our way in life and have had considerable success in our particular fields whatever they may be. Our teachers would b e proud of us. Running and finishing the Comrades marathon left me with a feeling of euphoria and immortality. My bubble of euphoria was burst in August last year when I was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. After 6 chemo sessions I had a 9 hour operation in February this year. My oesophagus was mostly removed and my stomach hitched to what remained of my oesophagus. This whole episode made me have a major rethink in life. Things that used to matter do not matter any more and Visa versa. This is one of the major advantages of brushing with death. The most important thing in life is one's health. Without good health one is somewhat buggered. This wretched cancer is a scourge and just hits one out of the blue. It has taken so many of us. Anyway I might join the obituary list sooner than expected. All of you take good care of yourselves and appreciate every day and all the good things it brings. Regards and God bless you all.

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