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Jack Perling

Jack Perling is remembered as a kindly and well meaning classmate. He was active in the Dramatic Socierty at School, and was to play a part in the 1961 production of Hamlet before illness intervened.  At that time Jack suffered an episode of what was then called "a nervous breakdown".  Unfortunately this was the start of an intermittent instability that he experienced throughout his life.

Jack married Rachelle in 1973   He worked for the South African Revenue Service in Pretoria, in a specialized position where his mathematical skills and knowledge of the intricacies of the tax rules were put to good use.

Jack was a great supporter of Class of 1961 activities.  He took a keen interest in the preparations for our 50 year reunion in 2011, and delighted in meeting old classmates at the event in Durban -- as seen in his huge grin in the photo below!


Jack also attended our regional gathering to celebrate our 55th year in Johanneburg in 2016, where he was a benign presence, eager to catch up with news from the other participants.

In late 2017 Jack was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer.  He bore the condition with equanimity, but from late 2018 his health deteriorated rapidly and he passed away on 12 February 2019.

Jack is survived by Rachelle, his extraordinary wife of 45 years; his daugher Tali; and his grandaughter Shira.



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14/02/19 08:24 AM #1    

Dave Guy

So sad to hear about Jack. He was a character who, for me, stood out at DHS. So many of our class mates are no more. A very sobering thought. 1961 seems just like yesterday with memories that are still fresh. We were all filled with life then-youthful exhuberance. And now we are in our 70s- still filled with exhuberance but not that of youth. Much water under the bridge with such good memories and wondering what it has all been about. For most of us it has been a great journey and God has been kind. The older one grows one appreciates life because time is running out. God bless you Jack and also your family.  

14/02/19 01:50 PM #2    

Richard Bell

Jackie Perling was a real character.  One could never forget him.

His parents owned Orchid Meat Products & lived in a palatial home on King George V Avenue, below the main buildings of the University of Natal, Durban.  In spite of his parents' success, Jackie was an ordinary, modest & likable school-mate.

Jackie looked unwell at our 2011 get-together at Quarters Hotel, but most of us thought his appearance was normal for a person of our age.  The notice of his death has thus come as a shock.

With deepest sympathy to his wife, daughter & grand-daughter.


14/02/19 07:35 PM #3    

Mike Johnston

Very sad to learn about Jack.  The DHS re-union functions created wonderful opportunites for all of us to meet once again.   Life is precious, we take many steps along the path.    RIP Jack. 

18/02/19 05:46 AM #4    

John Bartlett

I was very sorry to learn of the passing of Jackie Perling. I only knew him peripherally at School as was often the case with those students in different subject streams. However at the 2011 Durban reunion and a subsequent gathering in Johannesburg I came to to have more interactions with him and got the opportunity to know him better. This has been one of the numerous benefits of our reunions as it has allowed us to strike up friendships across the years with many who we did not know well at School


Following these two reunions Jackie used to phone me for a chat on a relatively frequent basis. He was unable to, or did not have the facilities to access our website and called me to find out what was happening with our cohart. He often phoned early in the evening and if I was out he used to chat to my wife or daughter. In his conversations with me he would ask after their wellbeing in a kind and thoughtful way


His passing did not come as a surprise to me as he told me of his smoking and its consequences. His rasping and wheezy voice was a testament to this. However he bore his condition with good grace and humour


I would like to extend my condolences to his wife Rachelle and members of his family in their loss


John Bartlett



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